The UNAM Civic Innovation Lab is a research laboratory at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) that studies real world problems involving citizens and governments, and then uses human centered design to create novel computational systems that address the problems to construct better societies. The lab's research team is conformed of professors, researchers, and students who collaborate on civic tech investigations involving the areas of gig work, political disinformation, and machine learning. Some of the labs collaborators involve Mexico's Minsitry of Foreign Affairs, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the National Democratic Institute. The lab is located in the School of Engineering, but has multi-disciplinary collaborations with professors and students across different Schools and Departments.

Faculty, Researchers, & Directors

Saiph Savage

Co-Director UNAM Civic Innovation Lab. Her civic tech research invovles the areas of crowd work, disinformation, and government technology.

Norma Elva Chávez

Co-Director UNAM Civic Innovation Lab. Her work mixes robots and civic technology to create better societies.

Rafael Morales

on Twitter.

Researcher Scientist and Lecturer. He researchs political disinformation and computational propaganda.

Ricardo Granados

on Linkedin.

Researcher Scientist. He uses FPGAs to design and research new civic tech.

Graduate Student Researchers

Daniel Valdez

on Facebook.

PhD candidate and Lecturer. He studies and creates civic media for social justice.

Cecilia Delgado

on Linkedin.

Masters student who uses computer vision and pattern recognition to conduct large scale studies on how women political candidates are targeted in political violence online.

Claudia Flores-Saviaga

Visiting PhD Candidate & Facebook Fellow. She researchs political disinformation and A.I. systems to combat it.

Carlos Toxtli

on Twitter.

Visiting PhD Candidate, Microsoft Research Intern, & Twitch Fellow. He designs A.I. civic tech tools for the future of gig work.

Anqi Cao


Visting Master Student. Global UX expert, focused on designing virtual assistants for governments.

XueYan (Sue) Chen

Visiting Master Student, using her background in psychology and education to create civic technology that is evidence-driven and intuitively learnable.

Antonio Aranda Eggermont

Visiting Master Student, mixing software and media art to design new civic media productions.

Patriya Wiesmann


Visiting Master Student, mixing her experience in voice recognition technologies and vehicle infotainment systems to design novel civic tech.

Mojin Yu

Visiting Master Student, with experience on educationand mixed reality for civic tech.

Stephanie Blucker

Visiting Master Student, focused on UX writing for government virtual assistants.

Senior Researchers

Liliana Savage

on Twitter.

Senior UX Researcher. She combines human centered design and A.I. to design novel civic tech.

Alberto Garcia

on LinkedIn.

Senior Blockchain Researcher. His work focuses on developing Blockchain technology for identity. His work has been used by US law enforcement and local US governments.

Shazia Ansari


Senior Researcher in Human Centered Design and UX with a focus on Civic Technology- Expertise in Southeast Asia.

Undergraduate and High School Researchers

Saúl Esparza

on Github.

Undergraduate Researcher. He develops bot based civic technology that is used at scale by Governments in Latin America.

Luis Kanek Morales Cerón


Senior computer engineer working on A.I. and Cybersecurity in Government and Civic Technology.

Africa Rodriguez

on Linkedin.

Undergraduate researcher. She develops civic tech that integrates AI and robotics.

Shannon Biega


Undergraduate Visiting researcher. She designs global civic tech for the US and Latin America.

Gema Toledo


Undergraduate researcher. She is using data science to study and improve workers' labor conditions.